Stay true to the values of Respect, Determination, Excellence, and Family.
The power of determination: I have the will to succeed.
The power of excellence: I must take ownership in my learning to succeed.
The power of respect: I find success through empathy and integrity.
The power of family: I succeed when we all succeed.

CHRYSLER (2011 – present): After school program where JRLA students are paired with JEEP employees; one mentoring session will be held per month and topics during the mentoring sessions consist of curriculum from the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, including, without limitation to, goal setting, career planning and social skills.  For more info on the Jeep brand, click here:

MERIT’S FATE (2012 – present): Saturday program that provides resources and opportunities for underserved youth to embrace education and become world-class citizens; Goal is to ultimately expose students from an at-risk community to an institution of higher education (U of M, Ann Arbor) consistently; While in Ann Arbor, students are motivated through interactive and engaging workshops put on by Community Partners at various nonprofit, university, and corporate entities. View the launch video here:

UNIVERSITY OF DETROIT MERCY SCHOLAR-ATHLETE FOR LIFE MENTORSHIP PROGRAM (2013 – present): U of D Mercy scholar-athletes mentor JRLA scholar-athletes on Tuesday evenings.  Students take field trips to the campus of U of D to study in the library, attend basketball games, and be a part of college-style lectures and learning.  For more info on U of D, visit:

JRLA WOMEN’S MENTORING PROGRAM (2013 – present): Coordinated by Ms. Colaccino, this program is a long term enrichment program to provide young women with a positive role-model and mentor.  Through the program, mentoring relationships will be fostered and participants will be guided through a series of focused interactions to encourage students to successfully meet the rigors of high school and beyond.  Students meet with their mentors bi-monthly during facilitated meetings with a variety of focuses. 

The mission of JRLA is to get students to be great in and graduate from college.  If students don’t do their homework, they won’t pass their classes to be promoted.  Students must have the discipline to do their homework every day without any excuses.  Business people who work on Wall Street in NY do not get to go home until they complete their assignments.  If a person on Wall Street goes home before his/her job is done, then he/she will be quick to lose their job.  We are serious about our mission.  If a student does not have his or her homework completed in class, then he or she will stay after school to complete the homework in “Wall Street.”  Students must do their homework to be successful in school and life. Failure is not an option. 

Boys Basketball:
Head Coach – Curtis Hervey
                         Assistant Coach – Iyapo Montgomery
                         Head JV Coach – Raymar Morgan
Girls Basketball: Head Coach – Brian Boykins
Jaguar Strike (Dance/Cheer): Head Coach – Katherine Colaccino
                          Assistant Coach – Reha Mallory

Girls Volleyball: Head Coach – Katherine Grow
Boys & Girls Soccer: Head Coach – Ryan Bueckendorf 
Boys Wrestling: Head Coach – Joe Konen

Academic Games – Jessica Foster
Step Team – Malika Velinor & Kyle Ofori
Jaguar Book Club – Ryan Bueckendorf
Jaguar Game Club – Ryan Bueckendorf
Chess Club

President: Myles Barnes
Vice President: Unique Bailey
Secretary: Jayla Coleman
Historian: Brianna Burton
Junior Class Representatives: 
Chanelle Miles and Abdul Abdullah
Sophomore Class Representatives: 
Jan-Ida Ripton and Ahmad Abdullah
Freshman Class Representative: 
Akari Pack