Alumni Monthly Newsletter

December 2017

 “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.”
-Henry Ford 

There are a lot of IMPORTANT logistics in this e-mail, so I’ll keep this opening paragraph short. Although this semester was tough, many of you rocked it out! No matter what the outcome is, take your lessons with you and turn it around next semester. Know your strengths and know your weakness, and continue on your path to greatness.

Turn in Fall 2017 Grades

Turn in Spring Class Schedule

Attend Alumni Panel


Complete “2018-19 FAFSA Confirmation” and forward confirmation

Complete Mid-Year Survey


$100 to AMAZON for Classes of 2016 and 2017- The Berman Foundation is offering thirty $100 scholarships to JRLA alumni from the class of 2016 and 2017 for each semester in college. These $100 scholarships can be used to buy books or anything else you need for school - they'll come in the form of Amazon gift cards. This year the dispersal process will happen on a bi-weekly basis until the 30 scholarships run out. To win the scholarship, you need to be one of the first 30 students to do the following things:
(1) Send in a screen-shot of your transcript (or bring a physical copy in to JRLA) to me, Ms. Grow (, after you receive your first semester grades.
(2) Send in a screen-shot of your 2nd semester schedules to me (or bring a physical copy in to JRLA).
(3) Fill out the JRLA alumni survey honestly at

$100 for Class of 2015- I will be offering a raffle of where you can win $100 Amazon gift card to help purchase your books for 5 Enrolled Alumni. For each of the items in the box above, you will get your name entered into the raffle. Do one, you get your name in once. Do all six, you get your name in six times! 

ALUMNI PANEL- We're looking to host another alumni panel, not only for the seniors at JRLA, but for all grade levels. We will need many of you to attend to support these panels. We will begin with on Tuesday from 9:40 to 4:00pm and then Wednesday and Thursday from 8:40am to 2:25pm (lunch provided for attending in the morning). If you can come respond ASAP, so I can get you scheduled. We will need at least 5 alumni for each time slot.

If you’re concerned about your future, your life at this moment, or have any questions, concerns, or want to create a plan for the future, please reach out.
You are always part of the JRLA family,
Ms. Grow

Alumni Spotlight- December 2017:
The alumni spotlight this month highlights one of our unstoppable 2015 alumni, Chanelle Miles! Chanelle has been at the University of Michigan for the past three years. She is working towards a degree in Psychology with a concentration in Development, Psychopathology, and Mental Health. Chanelle has made it a priority over the past few years to take advantage of all the opportunities given to her. She spent last summer in Peru assisting with a community clean up program, working at a dog shelter, supporting a volunteer fire department, interacting and dialoguing with Peace Corps members, and exploring ancient Peruvian ruins where she discovered a ancient bird species. This past summer in Spain, she participated in the International Society of Sport Psychology 14th World Congress where she gained a valuable understanding of what type of career related work she’ll be doing after college. Now, Chanelle is working with the Center for Global and Intercultural Study at Michigan, supporting other students who might want to have similar experiences as her. Chanelle, you are doing amazing things!

Resource Plug- December 2017:
Rate My Professors- As you’re signing up for classes or reviewing your schedule for next semester, this website will give you an idea of what to expect from your professor next semester. Are they a tough grader, do they require your attendance, or do they only base their course off tests? This website can answer most of your questions about future professors.