Joseph Tenbusch


Donal Loomis

Dean of College Preparation and Persistence

Russell Harris

Elizabeth Ruiz

Dean of Culture and Students

Dean of Operations

Reha Mallory

Pupil Support Services Coordinator

Rochelle Wilson

Business Manager

Eugene North

Leadership Coach and Athletic Director

Curtis Hervey

Olethia Ashburn

Leadership and Basketball Coach

 Lunch Aide




Daniel Bruder

Math Teacher

Ryan Bueckendorf

Reading Teacher

Katherine Colaccino

Benjamin Cronin

Science Teacher

PE/Health Teacher

Genie Davis

Technology/Science Teacher

Jessica Foster

Math Teacher

Katherine Grow

David Holmes

Reading Teacher

Social Studies Teacher

Joe Konen

ELA Teacher

Kyle Ofori

Math Teacher

Zachary Ornelas

ELA Teacher

Serica Simon

Educational Support Services

Malika Velinor

Reading Teacher

Miriam Zachau-Walker

Robyn Williams

Science Teacher

ELA Teacher



JRLA Founding Team:
JRLA 2014 Donor Appreciation Day 35

  • Jalen Rose: Founder
  • Michael A. Carter, Sr.: Co-Founder
  • Mick Koster: Vice President & Philanthropic Advisor Comerica Charitable Services Group
  • Diana Manica: University of Detroit Mercy, College of Liberal Arts & Education
  • Kenneth Perkins & Dale Randels, Jr.: Pinnacle Construction Partners, LLC
  • Michelle Ruscitti-Miller: Executive Director, Operation Graduation
  • Dr. Barbara Smith: F1 – Innovations for Education
  • N. Kendell Walton: Walton Business Management Solutions