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Scholars Enter A Learner: Exit A Leader at Jalen Rose Leadership Academy

The Jalen Rose Leadership Academy (JRLA) is excited to announce that enrollment is now open for the 2024-2025 school year. JRLA is an open enrollment, tuition-free public charter high school on the northwest side of Detroit. 

JRLA was founded by Detroit native, 13-year NBA Star and sports analyst, Jalen Rose. Mr. Rose assembled a team of educational experts and community leaders, including Co-Founder Michael Carter, Sr., to turn his dream of helping scholars in the zip code where he grew up into a reality. With “Enter a Learner: Exit a Leader.” as JRLA’s mantra, the school provides scholars with exposure opportunities they wouldn’t receive at a traditional public school, including an international trip, over twenty different enrichment activities and athletic programs as well as programming supported by many external corporate partnerships. 

As a top charter school in Detroit, JRLA doesn’t just educate students, they cultivate scholars by tapping into the intrinsic powers of respect, determination, excellence and family. With this vision, scholars unleash the transformative powers of learning to manifest a better fate for themselves and the people that they love. JRLA boasts a 97% graduation rate with 71% of graduates matriculating to college within a year of graduation, compared to a state average of 66%. Scholars can feel confident in their future with JRLA’s 100% college and postsecondary acceptance rate, while parents can be comfortable knowing their scholars are actively learning at a campus that frequently surpasses a 90% daily attendance rate. 

JRLA scholars have an opportunity to participate in dual enrollment classes in partnership with Wayne County Community College and Lawrence Tech University. Studies show that scholars who participate in a dual enrollment program are more likely to go to and matriculate through college. Dual enrollment is an evidence-based practice that can play a powerful role in improving student outcomes. It can be a means for scholars to save time and money and for them to develop a college-going identity with confidence in their ability to enroll in and be successful in higher education.

“In our thirteenth year of operations, what began as a dream for my old neighborhood has become a reality. By providing access to a quality education, JRLA has set out to change the course of the lives of Detroit youth and their families and that is exactly what we are doing,” said JRLA Founder Jalen Rose.

JRLA provides a 9 through 16 model where scholars are supported not only in high school, but  to and through college and alternate pathways with support from the school’s Postsecondary Success Team. Postsecondary programming begins with exposure to a college going culture in the 9th grade and continues through 12th grade in College Bound Scholars, a course unique to JRLA that is designed to help scholars learn the needed skills and mindset to be successful beyond high school. Alumni success coordinators stay in touch with graduates to provide ancillary support as they persist through their postsecondary pursuits. 

 “We provide a safe learning environment with a family atmosphere that ultimately empowers our scholars,” said Principal Tommy Brooks. “We strive to put our scholars in a position to be the leaders of tomorrow so they can compete in a global economy.”

As a top open enrollment high school in Detroit for college matriculation, JRLA offers many college exposure opportunities including college and university tours, on campus summer programs, AP courses, as well as in house college scholarships for top graduating seniors. During senior year, scholars and their families work with their case manager to determine their best fit postsecondary option. Scholars are provided with an authentic academic experience which builds both the skill and will necessary to be successful in high school and beyond. 

Are you ready to invest in your scholar’s postsecondary success? Open enrollment for the 2024-25 school year runs through April 14th. Don’t get stuck on the waitlist, enroll your scholar at JRLA today by visiting

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