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You can make the dreams of JRLA scholars a reality!
JRLA relies on the hard work and support of many individuals and institutions to ensure our scholars are on the path to and through college.

Financial Contributions

Sponsor a Scholar

The Michigan School-Aid Budget allocates funding for public education bodies, including traditional public and charter schools. While both entities provide 100% free and public education options to families across the state, charter schools and conventional public schools are NOT funded equally.  In addition, charter schools receive zero state funding for facilities.  

On average, Michigan public charter schools receive about 20% less funding per pupil than conventional public schools, yet are 32% more cost-effective than the average conventional public schools in the same city. A new report found the funding disparity between traditional public schools and the public charter school counterparts in Detroit is $6,202 per pupil!  
(via Michigan Council of Charter School Authorizers - 2023)

JRLA offers Detroit area students unique opportunities that they would not receive from any ordinary public school, which means we need to raise significant funds from private sources to bridge the gap and meet our ambitious educational goals.

"Charter schools don’t have access to any funding for facilities, so they need to pay for everything out of their per-pupil foundation grant," Quisenberry told The Center Square in an email. "That puts charter school students at a huge disadvantage. Charter school students are public school students, and they deserve to be treated equitably." (Dan Quisenberry, President of MAPSA)


A $2,500 donation will help close the opportunity gap and give a JRLA Scholar:

  • School-sponsored college visits and summer programs 

  • Alumni support via our Post-Secondary Success Team

  • AP class offerings and dedicated SAT support

  • Wide variety of competitive sports and extracurricular activities

  • Real world experiences including an international trip and internship opportunities

  • And so much more...

For more information on the JRLA "Building Leaders" Capital Campaign or any philanthropic support, please contact Michelle at


Any level of support is appreciated.  If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution, please send your donation to:

Jalen Rose Leadership Academy
15000 Trojan Street
Detroit, MI 48235

You can also donate online via PayPal via Operation Graduation  here:

OpGrad_JRLA_QR Code.png


Whether it's philanthropic support, summer internships, college partnerships, mentoring or unique resources for our families, there are many ways to support our efforts. For additional information on partnership opportunities please email Michelle at

JRLA donor wall

Many thanks to all of our partners and donors for their support!

Since 2018, JRLA has distributed a leadership award in conjunction with the Annual JRLA Celebrity Golf Classic weekend. The award recognizes those who are truly dedicated to the mission of uplifting the JRLA scholars. 

2018 Recipients

FATE Mentoring Program

David Merritt & Kuhu Saha


2019 Recipients:

Katherine Grow, JRLA Alumni Success Coordinator

Eugene North, JRLA Leadership & Basketball Coach

Malika Velinor, JRLA Dean of College


2020 Recipients

Kim Adams House, Rosa Bailey, Nathan Buelow, 

Michael Manley & Jim Morrison


2021 Recipients

Davis Elkins Foundation 

Tom & Holly Gores/Platinum Equity

Stephen Ross

2022 Recipient

Detroit Children's Fund

2023 Recipient

Ballmer Group

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