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JRLA Scholar Life

Enter a Learner: Exit a Leader.

At JRLA, scholars are provided with a rigorous academic experience and engaging extracurricular activities, which build both the skill and will necessary to be successful in high school and beyond.

Enrichment Programming

Enrichment Programs

In addition to academic credit, JRLA requires all scholars to earn enrichment credit in order to be promoted or to graduate. Both short-term and longitudinal studies demonstrate the power of such programming to improve scholar academic performance. To support scholars in earning this credit, we offer a robust and diverse series of extracurricular programs and activities designed to intentionally cultivate key non-cognitive capacities and soft skills linked to a variety of improved life outcomes. Enrichment Programs are designed for a high degree of scholar participation and skill development over the course of one or more years. They are objective-based, organized, consistent, and well-executed, with a clear mission and high expectations. There are attendance protocols and pre/post programming follow-up.

Clubs and Programs

DEC Career Readiness Academy

FATE Mentoring


Music Club




National Honor Society


Scholar Government

UM Ross Business Mentoring


Jaguar Athletics

Boys and Girls Basketball

Boy's Head Coach: Eugene North

Girl's Head Coach: Delonte Jones

Girls Volleyball

Head Coach: Rhea Cooper


Head Coach: Delonte Jones

Boys and Girls Track and Field

Head Coach: Demarcus Wingate

Boys and Girls Cross Country

Head Coach: Demarcus Wingate 


Head Coach: Evan Sawyer

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