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At JRLA we develop ACADEMIC HARD SKILLS (the essential knowledge and skills to succeed), ACADEMIC MINDSETS AND SOFT SKILLS (the resilience and adaptiveness to thrive) and IDENTITY, RELEVANCE AND BELONGING (knowing that you matter as a part of something greater than yourself). 

Our History


Jalen Rose Leadership Academy (JRLA) is an open enrollment, tuition-free public charter high school on the northwest side of Detroit. The Academy began its first academic year in September 2011 and currently serves over 400 ninth through twelfth grade scholars from metro Detroit. JRLA provides a leadership-focused education that engages and inspires youth to achieve at the rigorous level necessary to ultimately graduate with a college degree.  Scholars are provided with an authentic academic experience which builds both the skill and will necessary to be successful in high school and beyond.  Immersed in the culture of college, scholars will not only receive extensive college exposure via university tours, but also be required to pass at least one Advanced Placement course to assist in a seamless transition into college.  JRLA is a 9-16 model where scholars are supported not only through high school graduation, but through college graduation via our College Success team that works to coordinate success for current scholars and alumni.

Board of Directors


JRLA's Founders:

Founder and Detroit native Jalen Rose is an ESPN/ABC analyst and 13-year NBA Star who has assembled a team of educational experts and community leaders to turn his dream into a reality.  Mr. Rose brings to the Academy his knowledge of the sports and entertainment industries, commitment to philanthropy and his passion to give back to Detroit. A graduate of Detroit Southwestern High School, Mr. Rose attended the University of Michigan where he was one of five freshman basketball players known as the “Fab Five.”  As a college graduate, he is eager to help Detroit youth achieve the same goal.  Mr. Rose has been instrumental on the planning team and serves as the President of the JRLA Board of Directors.

Jalen Rose

Michael Carter

Co-founder Michael Carter is a Detroit native and successful entrepreneur. Mr. Carter is managing partner of Pinnacle Construction Partners, a multi-state, pre-construction planning and construction management services firm, and the former president and CEO of Athena Health Club and Day Spa in Nashville. As a successful graduate of Project 100, the University of Detroit’s recruitment program to enroll and graduate inner-city youth, Mr. Carter graduated with a B.A. cum laude and a M.B.A. He serves on the UDM Liberal Arts and Education Dean’s Advisory Board. Mr. Carter brings his first-hand experience to the design of the Academy, his commitment to provide resources, and his dedication to improving the future for Detroit youth.  He has been instrumental on the planning team and serves as the President of the Operation Graduation Board.

Current Board Members:

Jalen Rose


ESPN/ABC Analyist, CEO Three Tier Entertainment

Dennis Archer, Jr.


CEO/Founder - Ignition Media Group; President - Archer Corporate Services

Greg Boll

Vice President

President, Cummins Bridgeway

Leigh Chandler


CAO of Strike Group, LLC

Christopher Brochert


Co-Founder/Partner, Lormax Stern Development Co.

John E. James


President, James Group International; CEO, Renaissance Global Logistics (RGL)

Dean Brody


Managing Director, Accenture

Wendy Jackson


Deputy Director, The Kresge Foundation

Jason Langwell


EVP, Intersport

Virtual Board Meeting Details

Topic: Jalen Rose Leadership Academy Board of Directors Regular Board Meeting 

Time: Apr 20, 2020 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)


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Meeting ID: 988 4992 3492

Password: 543048


This meeting is open to the public. Please join us virtually via Zoom.

All parents and concerned citizens are welcome to attend

A special thanks to our past board members:

 Tonya Allen - Rumia Ambrose Burbank - Honorable Mayor Dave Bing - Tim Gale
Ron Klein - Mick Koster - Diane Manica - Kim Mattes - David Schostak - Neil Weissman

The JRLA Founding Team

Jalen Rose, Michael A. Carter, Sr., Mick Koster, Diana ManicaMichelle Ruscitti-Miller, Dr. Barbara Smith and N. Kendell Walton


Our team is hard working and relentless towards our goal of providing our scholars with an excellent education.


Administrative School Leadership Team

Wendie Lewis, Principal                                   lewisw@jrladetroit.com

Katelyn Hoisington, Dean of Students          hoisingtonk@jraldetroit.com

Katteeva James, Dean of Operations            jamesk2@jrladetroit.com

Adrian Johnson, Dean of Leadership             johnsona@jrladetroit.com

Rebecca Kissel, Instructional Coach              kisselr@jrladetroit.com

Melissa Daugherty, Instructional Leader      daughertym@jrladetroit.com

Eugene North, Leadership Coach                  northe@jrladetroit.com

Marquise Dorsey, Leadership Coach             dorseym@jrladetroit.com

Rhea Cooper, School Social Worker             cooperr@jrladetroit.com

College Team

Malika Velinor, Dean of College                     velinorm@jrladetroit.com

Aliya Spotts, College Advisor                        spottsa@jrladetroit.com

Office Team

Niki Garcia, Office Manager                            garcian@jrladetroit.com

Silva Howard, Attendance Clerk                    howards@jrladetroit.com

Special Education Team

Jessica Clanton, SPED Teacher                      clantonj@jrladetroit.com

Melissa Jefferson, SPED Teacher                   jeffersonm@jrladetroit.com

Shirley Rowe, SPED Teacher                           rowes@jrladetroit.com

Adrienne Todd, SPED Teacher                        todda@jrladetroit.com

Instructional Team

James Abraham, Geometry                           abrahamj@jrladetroit.com

Henry Adams, Spanish                                    adamsh@jrladetroit.com

Louis Bartholomew, Math                               bartholomewl@jrladetroit.com

Alexandra BuWalda, Chemistry                     buwaldaa@jrladetroit.com

Bianca Charles, English                                  charlesb@jrladetroit.com

Ryan Dougherty, History                                doughertyr@jrladetroit.com

Tasha Evans, English                                       evanst@jrladetroit.com

Ricky Harzula, College Bound Scholars      harzular@jrladetroit.com

Delonte Jones, English                                   jonesd@jrladetroit.com

Nick Kacznanowski, Civics and Econ           kacznanowskin@jrladetroit.com

Keir Major, World History                               majork@jrladetroit.com

Michael Mitchell, English                               mitchellm@jrladetroit.com

Calvin Nellum, Physics                                   nellumc@jrladetroit.com

Evan Sawyer, Spanish                                     sawyere@jrladetroit.com

Cat Trager, Biology                                          tragerc@jrladetroit.com

Vickie Willis, Communications                      willisv@jrladetroit.com

Demarcus Wingate, Health & Fitness          wingated@jrladetroit.com



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