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We know the path to college.

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Jalen Rose Leadership Academy Board of Directors

Special Board Meeting 

Monday, June 13, 2022 at 4:30PM

15000 Trojan Street

Detroit, MI 48235

This meeting is open to the public. Members of the public who wish to participate in Public Comment should email Michelle Ruscitti-Miller at jrla@jalenrose.com prior to the start of the meeting. Written comments will be read aloud during the public comment section of the agenda. Members of the public may obtain information about which Board members may be absent at the meeting and/or submit questions for the board members in advance of the board meeting by emailing jrla@jalenrose.com.  

At JRLA we develop ACADEMIC HARD SKILLS (the essential knowledge and skills to succeed), ACADEMIC MINDSETS AND SOFT SKILLS (the resilience and adaptiveness to thrive) and IDENTITY, RELEVANCE AND BELONGING (knowing that you matter as a part of something greater than yourself). 


We are the JRLA Jaguars.


Jalen Rose Leadership Academy will empower all scholars to develop the strength of character, skills, and knowledge needed to matriculate into, be great in, and graduate from college or a post-secondary institution so that they have opportunities to be successful in the competitive world and to take care of themselves and the people that they love.


By tapping into the intrinsic power of respect, discipline, and hard work, scholars will unleash the transformative capacity of learning to manifest a better fate for themselves and the people they love.


The power of respect: I find success through empathy and integrity.
The power of determination: I have the will to succeed.
The power of excellence: I must take ownership in my learning to succeed.
The power of family: I succeed when we all succeed.

We don't create students. We cultivate scholars.

Scholars at JRLA have many unique opportunities and experiences.  When a scholar graduates from JRLA, the scholar is well-rounded and truly lives the values of the school.  We develop this intrinsic motivation through a variety of requirements. Some of the standout elements of Jalen Rose Leadership Academy include:

College Rigor
AP, College Access, etc.

Scholars must meet five promotional requirements in order to move on to the next grade level:

  1. Academic Success: Pass every class

  2. Responsibility

  3. Self-Regulation

  4. Academic Rigor:

  5. College Access: Earn at least two acceptances to a college or post-secondary program

Summer Learning Adventures (SLAs)

All scholars at JRLA enter the school as a member of an advisory family.  The advisor is with the scholar for all four years of the student's high school career and serves as the scholar's advocate.  Advisors connect with parents, help advisees develop academic and personal skills, and meet with each scholar's parent/guardian each quarter to go over the scholar's report card and other promotional requirements. 

Developing Self Regulation

All scholars (that do not have to take summer school) have the opportunity to participate in a summer learning adventure.  SLAs include internships (paid and unpaid), college experiences, and dual enrollment.  SLAs are coordinated for scholars by JRLA staff. In addition, scholars are provided transportation and access to these experiences at no cost to scholars and their families.

The Scholar Code of Conduct (SCC) at Jalen Rose Leadership Academy helps scholars develop strong self-regulation so that the scholars will have the willpower to succeed in life beyond the classroom. JRLA also employs restorative techniques to facilitate healthy, productive relationships between scholars and staff.

College Support

We believe that every scholar can succeed. This is why all scholars at JRLA will be put on the path to attend college. Our best-in-class college team supports scholars as they prepare for, apply to, matriculate into, and persist through college.


Jalen Rose Leadership Academy

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