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Our team is hard working and relentless towards our goal of providing our scholars with an excellent education.

Administrative School Leadership Team

Wendie Lewis, Principal                         

Rebecca Kissel, Assistant Principal      

Delonte Jones, Dean of Leadership     

Katteeva James, Dean of Operations   

Tawania Whitt, Instructional Coach      

Eugene North, Leadership Coach        

Rhea Cooper, School Social Worker    

Vickie Willis, SEL Corrdinator                

Demarcus Wingate, Building Sub         

Joe DeVriendt, Facilities Manager                                      

College and Post Secondary Team

Donovan Colquitt, Dean of College    
Tiffany Brockington, Alumni Success Cor

Melissa  Lee, College Advisor               

Rebecca Kokotovich, College Advisor       

Office Team

Niki Garcia, Office Manager                  

Silva Howard, Attendance Clerk          

Tamika McCombs, Business Man./S.E.


Special Education Team

Lyla Abdallah, SPED Coordinator         

Deshae Butler, SPED Teacher               

Erionna Chambers, SPED Teacher       

Kayla Griffin, SPED Teacher                  

Sarab Hadi, SPED Teacher                     

Instructional Team

Gregory Beamish, English                 

Ahmed Bitar, English                            

Luciana Catledge, Reading Int.                

Eric Saylor, Algrebra                           

Lynn Coleman, Math Int.                    

Paige Dotson, Geometry                    

Ryan Dougherty, History                    

Corey Edwards, Health & Fitness     

Shanae Grihm, Art                               

Katelyn Hoisington, Math                   

Joslyn Jewell, College Bound Scholars                  

Daria Lewis, Algebra II/Pre-Calculus

Keir Major, World History                    

Calvin Nellum, Physics                       

Emettra Nelson, Chemistry                

Shakeem Covington, Civics/Economics

Jack Porretta, Restorative Practice Cor              

Reneta Richard, English                      

Maria Rodriguez, Spanish II                

Evan Sawyer, Spanish                          

Jonathon Speese, English                  

Hassan El Sayed, Biology                   

Gracie Zweng, College Bound Scholars              

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